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what do you think about an au where howard stark is the chief of police, tony is his teenage son and Steve is the cute new rookie who's always on the front desk. Tony comes in all the time to bug him and he's really cute and Steve has no clue how old he is and just thinks "is he even legal? shit i am going to be so fired and so arrested




tony would flirt so hard with the cute new rookie 

he’d rock into the precinct and howard would already be rolling his eyes and saying he’s busy and tony would be like “of course you are, what a shocker, i think i may faint from shock, someone catch me,” and then he’d see steve and be like “well he-llo you can catch me anytime sailor” and steve would like like “nghh” bc how old is this kid anyway

and of course steve would end up with a crush on the chief’s kid, that’s just his luck. bc tony’s impossible to ignore and he always gets steve laughing even when he’s stuck on some godawful paperwork. and tony turns up to crime scenes and yells at steve from behind the yellow tape and points out clues and is everywhere steve turns. he’s always where he shouldn’t be when steve is pretty sure he should be in school

and steve likes howard well enough, but he hates how howard is so dismissive and unsupportive of his son who is brilliant and clever and amazing and is obviously craving attention that howard never gives him. he slips in a few comments about it and howard laughs and says, ‘what, you care about the kid or something,’ and steve steels his jaw and tells howard he’s got one hell of a kid and he deserves to be treated better than howard is treating him and he nearly gets fired and tony keeps asking him why he almost got fired and steve mutters something about being reckless

tony ends up helping in a lot of cases, and steve always protests but those fade into grudging acceptance as he follows tony and gets followed by tony and drags tony out of danger when it pops up, because it’s impossible to keep that kid out of trouble. it’s all steve can do to shield him with his body when things get rough or patch him up when all of steve’s efforts aren’t enough. bc god that kid gets into so much shit, and he’s trying so hard, and he’s doing so well, and he’s solving cases left and right with steve because it turns out they work really well together even though tony’s not old enough to drink.

and tony flirts with steve, grins and touches his arm, squeezes his shoulder, and then the touches turn into something heavier, more meaningful, something bigger than attraction after they go through shit together. they go on stake-outs, tony stays at steve’s house once or twice, refusing to explain. they stop a serial killer and nearly end up in the crossfire, they solve a kidnapping case and get the kid home safe, they do a dozen other things that have them worrying over each other and steve asks tony why he’s even doing any of this, he’s far too young for it, why doesn’t he just give it a few years.

tony doesn’t even hesitate. “but i already can do it now,” he says. “why the hell would i wait a few years when i can help people now?”

and steve accepts the fact that he’s fallen hook line and sinker for this kid who he still doesn’t know is legal or not, because tony always scoots around the subject.

Please please someone write this I need this in my life

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