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You know my methods, John. I am known to be indestructible.

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so it turns out i was zero percent prepared for this video


Oh my god no


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I feel the feels in my stomach, ugh the last one I can’t. Why is there water coming out of my eyes, nope. What.

The last one OMG I can’t asdfghjkl why are David Tennant and Billie Piper not together why

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“You’re supposed to bring flowers, you know.”

Sam’s tone is gentle as he stares straight ahead, the Impala taking them closer and closer to their chosen destination. Castiel sits in the passenger side, hands in his lap as he fumbles with different beads, fingers delicately arranging the colors into his chosen patterns along the thread.

“I think,” the fallen angel breathes out without looking up, eyes scrunching in intense concentration as he admires his latest work, “That flowers are, essentially, useless.”

Neither man says anything more as Castiel continues threading beads onto a small piece of brown hemp, the greens in contrast to the brown making the entire bracelet look somewhat earthy. He adds in a few oranges and a couple of reds for good measure, ending up with something that reminds him of home. Home, he thinks, face tingeing red as he remembers grilled burgers, remembers pancakes in the mornings and hot kisses down his neck that were always paired with silly laughs he used to love making fun of.

“Hey.” The Impala shuts off only after Sam clears his throat, finally turning his head in Cas’ direction. “We’re here.”

The fallen angel gets out of the car without a word.

His steps are careful and deliberate as he walks through the hollow ground, bare feet padding through dewy grass slick with mud. It’s been weeks since Castiel’s home had vanished, the loss still so fresh he thinks about turning back around.

Castiel doesn’t though, because it’s now or never.


He smiles as the word falls from his lips, bracelet clutched tightly within his hand as he kneels down next to the concrete stone.

“I brought you something,” Castiel continues, holding out the bracelet even as his eyes burn hot with pinpricks of moisture. “I thought that you might like it better than flowers, since you said once on our date that flowers are – um – useless.”

Castiel remembers that day, remembers Dean rolling his eyes and telling him, flowers are useless Cas, all they do is die.

“You died,” Castiel can’t help the bitterness that laces his tone and makes his fists tighten. “You died, does that make you useless?”

He is met, of course, with nothing but silence.

“Dean, I’m sorry.” The fallen angel brings his hand up to place the brown hemp, now riddled with multi-colored beads, onto the smooth marker as he touches his forehead to the cool rock. “I’m sorry I failed. I’m sorry it took – took me so long to come see you.”

There’s a slight shift in the wind that Castiel leans into, breath huffing out of his lungs in a small, desperate cry.

“I’m sorry it took me so long to come home.”

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#I was just casually looking at this gifset #wondering what it was from #and then it just hit me #like a car crash #sorry #bad joke #It’s Dean’s goodbye to Lisa and Ben #Can we just talk about how amazing the #supernatural writers are #because the wording in this scene #is so brilliantly constructed #and of course #Jensen you pull it off just as grandly #So here is a kid and his mom #in a hospital #where they believe they had just been in a car accident #so Dean goes in #a total stranger to them #right there, that says it all #Dean owes them #Dean cannot just walk out of their life #without apologizing #but firstly he says #”I just, uh, I lost control for a minute” #he’s not talking about a car people! #he lost control of himself #he lost control of how a hunter’s life #and a normal person’s life #do not mix #he lost control of his protection over them #something he had sworn he would do #he lost control because he felt so deeply for Lisa and Ben #that he was willing to put them in danger #just so he could be in association with them #It’s selfish to think of it #and Dean did do everything he could to prevent it #but that’s the sad truth #It was selfish #so in the fourth gif #he says he’s glad that their life “can get back to normal now” #because with Dean #their lives were anything but normal #it’s all so heartbreaking #because Dean brought it upon himself #and now Dean has to live without them #because he couldn’t stay away in the first place #I mean, the phrase #Is it better to have lost and loved, than to have never loved at all #because right now #Dean has most certainly loved and lost #and he chose to loose it #Dean brought upon their injuries #so he’s guilty #he also brought upon their loss of memory #so now he’s just alone #with his memories of two people he loved #I mean he loved Ben like a son #like Sam #and he stayed with Lisa #I mean that right there says something different #than all of his past relationships #where they weren’t even relationships #they were just drunken one night stands #except for Anna x Dean #Lisa was his ONLY relationship #however unstable #Lisa and Ben knew about his life #and still took him in #which is why Dean justified his actions about staying #I can’t even compute logical thoughts anymore #I don’t even ship Lisa x Dean that hard #this scene #just gets me

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spn meme - two quotes [1/2]
↳ “family don’t end in blood.”

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I have this headcanon where Steve’s son is born with his original health maladies and wants to grow up to be just like his dad - and Steve is confronted with all these feelings of inadequacy as a father because he realizes his son can’t grow up to be like him. But no kid will probably ever be better protected from bullies, considering who all his uncles are. It’s probably just a matter of time before Uncle Tony builds him some really sweet replacement braces (“Should they have spinning rims? I feel like they should have spinning rims.”)

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The TOP RIM OF WILL’S GLASSES are strategically positioned to BLOCK JACK’S EYES and prevent direct eye-contact.
Jack gently pushes Will’s glasses up the bridge of his nose so he's forced to make fleeting eye contact.
Hannibal, S01E01 Illustrated Script.

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Dean is always the first to sacrifice himself for others

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