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The idea that sex is something a woman gives a man, and she loses something when she does that, which again for me is nonsense. I want us to raise girls differently where boys and girls start to see sexuality as something that they own, rather than something that a boy takes from a girl.
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Anonymous asked: my wife and kids left me


Great Question!

BLENDED is the perfect film for the whole family! It hits theaters nationwide May 23!

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anyone but bob orci
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If you ever think you did something embarrassing just remember that I had a really hot waiter one time and i was gonna order double pepperoni pizza but I looked him dead in the eye and accidentally asked for double penetration pizza in front of my whole family

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The fact that Coachella would choose ‘native aesthetics’ to co-opt and reproduce for the amusement of a largely white audience right on the doorstep of the Cabazon Indian Reservation just shows how little they consider NDN’s anything more than fiction or exotic history for the consumption of 20-something hipsters. 

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live through this and you won’t look back [x

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i’m so tired of this “misogynist with a heart of gold” hollywood trope

i’m so tired of these leading men who treat women like shit until they meet the “right” kind of girl who is worthy of their respect

revealing that they were a good guy all along

i’m so tired of being told my humanity is negotiable 

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